Module aho_corasick::automaton

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Provides Automaton trait for abstracting over Aho-Corasick automata.

The Automaton trait provides a way to write generic code over any Aho-Corasick automaton. It also provides access to lower level APIs that permit walking the state transitions of an Aho-Corasick automaton manually.


  • An iterator of non-overlapping matches in a particular haystack.
  • An iterator of overlapping matches in a particular haystack.
  • Represents the current state of an overlapping search.
  • A prefilter for accelerating a search.
  • The identifier of a finite automaton state.
  • This error occurs when an ID could not be constructed.
  • An iterator that reports matches in a stream.


  • A candidate is the result of running a prefilter on a haystack at a particular position.


  • A trait that abstracts over Aho-Corasick automata.